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Generally refered to as an « S-shaped » vertebral deviation, SCOLIOSIS would be best described as a three-dimensional torsion of the spine. Until recently, no method was available for clinicians to help the body utilize the power of its own movement to correct or stabilize this very complex structural disorder.

After more than 20 years of research and development, conducted in a renowned Montreal pediatric center, people with scoliosis can now consider a new approach: the SPINECOR dynamic bracing system. Based on a revolutionary concept, this intelligent brace can be described as a special elastic vest designed to apply a torque that is meant to help each individual patient.

The SPINECOR system has already proved its efficiency for the corrective treatment of scoliosis in children and teens. Moreover, it often turns out to be an unexpected and very impressive solution for adult patients who are looking for relief and stabilization of their spine.

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